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Anytime you need a photographer we can get one to you.

Photographer availability 24/7

"I know that not everything fits nicely into a 9-5 schedule, and I'm happy to capture the photos when that may be"

Fast photo turn around

Same day photos | Next day photos

When it comes to news photos its all about getting them back fast. We can do that and we won't compromise on the quality either.

Video & Photos

All in one inclusive package.

No need to mess around and organise separate photographers and videographer we have a team who can do both.

Top quality video productions for promotions campaigns that will be matched with great looking photos will give you an effective advertisement that people will be drawn to.

We can shoot photos and video from the sky too with our drones to really give you a stand out shot.

We can also film and shoot in 360 degrees for virtual reality tours and exploration videos!

Cutting edge technology for the people who want to stay ahead of the competition.

No Watermarks

"I absolutely hate watermarking my work, it really takes away from the quality of the moment. It is not about me, it is about making memories last, and a big watermark on a low-resolution image just ruins that"

Chief photographer Ashley J Taylor

Our photos will also be provided in the highest resolution possible with the option for a low res folder too. The low-resolution photos are best suitable for websites, making for fast load times without losing quality. High-resolution photos are best suitable for printing hard copies.

No watermarks on these photos, you paid for them, you own them and use them however you want. Don't let us get in the way.

Exclusive rights. You get to post the photos first and only, if that is what you want. We won't use them anywhere else other than on our website in the display gallery.

A Short List

A short list of everything

Bendigo Central Victorian Chrysler Club
Calisthenic Dance
Australia Day
Enjoy Church
Christmas Carols
Cross Country
Z Fit Studios
Midstate Mopars
Scots Day Out
Wine Festivals
Easter Parade
Bendigo International Madison
Torchlight Processions
Bendigo Harriers
Netball Tournaments
Cosplay Conventions
Dragon Mile

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