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AJTaylor Images strives to make the best quality images possible and that is reflected in the many tens of thousands of photos taking in and around the region of Bendigo. We have serviced numerous schools, businesses, organisations and editorial agencies. We will always go out of our way to make it easy for you to arrange a photographer and we will be very transparent about what we offer.

The photo Packs


  • We make it easy for parents to choice which photo pack they want by only offering 5* variations with simple to understand descriptions and visuals.
  • Digital photos are in demand and we make it easily affordable for parents with our A pack option (Our best value and most in demand pack). With the A pack they will get all the photos they need printed, two of the student and one large class photo and one large school photo*.
  • The digital copy of the photo will be made available for download when the physical photos have been delivered to the school. The digital photo download link will be provided with the printed photos. Parents who order the E pack will receive the digital copies of their photos on the USB and will not need a download link.
  • Parents can order different photo packs and they can order as many as they want by writing the numerical number in the shaded blue part of the order form.
  • C pack, D pack & E packs do not include the digital copies of the photos. Only the physical photo will be provided unless they order an A pack or B pack.


AJTaylor Images does not provide decorative printed products like mugs, mouse pads, bookmarks, calendars or magnets.  We do this to keep operating cost lower by only offering the photos people really need. Parents who do want to have decorative printed products can do that themselves with the digital copy of the photo. The digital copy is a high resolution, non-watermarked 20*mega-pixel JPEG suitable for printing.


*20mega-pixels: Most photos will be approximately 16-22mp in size depending on cropping factors.


*school photos: Whole school photos are available at no extra cost, it is up to the school whether they decide to take one or if it is feasible to capture. Schools with less than 100 students are generally able to get a whole school photo. Schools that have a population over 100 will need to discuss arrangements like utilising a ladder, hill, steps or a drone to capture the photo.
If a school photo is not taken, the E photo pack will not be available. There is also no reduction in the price of the A pack or E pack despite having one less A4 sized photo


The System


We will send you all the order forms.


We use a photo code matching system. That means orders can be paid online if they choice not to pay in cash by using their unique photo code


Order forms for school photos will be sent to the school, which will then be distributed out to the students to take home.

These order forms will have all the details explaining how to order photos and how to fill out the payslip.


The order form comes with an envelop and a form explaining the order.
Parents will write out the student details and the requested order on the blue order form envelope.

Each order form has a unique photo code, this unique code can also be used to log on and make eftpos payments.

If the parents decide to pay in cash they can place it inside the envelope.

Parents will keep the orange form which also has the photo code on it for logging in online.

When a parent logs in via our website using the 7 digit photo code they will be redirected to another web page with the identical photo number.

On the redirected web page they can find out more details about how to order photos.


The blue order form must be filled out with the student's details.

On photo day the blue order from will need to be brought back to school.
Parents do not have to purchase a photo pack if they don't want to, but the blue order form still needs to be filled out with a name for ID purposes.
If the order form is lost a new order form can be provided by the school. Extra order forms will be given to the school.

Once the photo is taken on the day of the photo shoot we will match the photo number to the website photo code. This will then complete the match so we know what that they have paid online or not.


School Photography Details

Commission & provision of photos


Schools that book their photography with AJTaylor Images will be well looked after.


  • We make it easy for you to book, and we will send you everything you need for carrying out school photos.
  • All digital photos of students will be provided to the school for ID purposes. Each photo will be named and sorted in to their respective class.
  • The school will receive their staff photos free of charge. Both the individual staff photos and any group photos.
  • Individual staff will have the option to purchase print outs of their photo(s).
  • The school will receive all digital copies of the school buildings. These buildings pictures are taken for the background on the photo folders.
  • The school will receive commission for total sales.
    Schools with less than 100 Students = 8%
    Schools with more than 100 students = 16%
  • Commission will be calculated after all the orders have been paid for and will be donated to the school on the day the photos have been completed and returned.
  • Schools can also use their commission for purchasing, large whole school canvases, student ID cards (if applicable) or other photography products and services.


Contact us over the phone at 0457779740 to discuss any further enquires regarding commission and provision of photos


The Staff


Order forms for the staff are nearly identical to student order forms. They will have the option to purchase the printed staff photo, group staff photo or a whole school photo.

Staff do not need to purchase photo packs. All staff photos will be provided directly to the school on disk.

Family Photos


Family photos are available for parents. This is a decision made at the discretion of the school.
Parents who want photos with all their children together will need to fill out a separate family photo order form.

The family photos can only be purchased using the F pack.

All the siblings will be in the photos. There is no cost per sibling. Only one fixed price.
These forms will be provided to the school. The school can distribute them or leave them at the office for collection.

The student order forms will still need to be filled out and returned to the school as normal.

The family photo order form will need to be brought back and returned to the school with the oldest sibling.

AJTaylor Images reserves the formal rights to any images we shoot. Parents and schools will hold a limited use licence, so they can do with the photos how ever they please.

AJTaylor Images does have public liability insurance.
AJTaylor Images photographers do have working with children check.

Phone 0457779740

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