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The Bendigo Portrait Photographer who knows how to tell a story

When it comes to taking portrait photos that tell a story, I avoid using the traditional techniques of school photos where you have your subject sit down in front backdrop wall. No one needs another portrait that looks all the same.

Instead i ask myself a question that will decide one of two paths to follow, is the background important to the person or not. If the answer is yes, then I often try and incorporate the background into their portrait photo.

For example, if you are photographing a business owner its important you actually communicate that within your photo, rather than having to explain it later on. So often what I will do is go out to let say that business owners shop or place of work and feature elements of their work in the background.

Here is two examples of including attributes of someone’s life story within their portrait photo.

AJTaylor Images Bendigo Discovery Centre

When the answer is no, and the background isn’t important to your subject’s story then that will change the style of the portrait shoot to strictly something focusing on the person themselves and will often mean the background will be blurry and out of focus.

However, it is still important to communicate a rich story within your photo, as any good photo will tell a 1000 words, without the background being in important this often pushes me to use more dramatic lighting techniques or take particular interest in what the subject is wearing or doing, and this often proves the most difficult form of portrait photography.

Bendigo Portrait Photographer

Despite much-needed preparation dressing up a subject and laying out their actions, this often much longer process works in our favor of capturing a more dynamically interesting photo compared to a standard sit-down portrait.

It is this adventures aspect of portrait photography I have really come to enjoy looking back on as the subtext subtle reminds me about stories behind the images.

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