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Audio recording

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Bendigo Videography Hire

Never afraid of the camera

Bendigo Videography Hire

Working with extras

Easy to get along with, my team and I want to make your experience a pleasure.

Making Memories Last

AJ Taylor

When your in need of a content creator who was trained in the industry and understands that over 70% of consumers would want to watch a short video over other marketing material. Did you know 87% of Gen Z prefer to watch branded videos or ads with someone talking about a product?

Aerial coverage to get the full perspective of the story

Hire a professional freelance videographer to capture interviews, presentations, instructional videos and product demonstrations. You can even hire a photographer and a drone pilot with your video production.

Bendigo Video Services

Audio equipment to complete the story

Multiple cameras for multiple angles

It’s not an easy job setting up video shoots but its well worth the trouble to make a unique story that can’t be told any other way.

Bendigo Videography Hire

Video Set Productions

Behind The Scenes

The specialist the locals all know

Don’t worry I know my way around Bendigo. If you’re struggling with location ideas then I know a few places worth wild. Trust the filmmakers with a focus on authentic and powerful cinematic content and a large range of professional camera equipment.

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