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  • Going into the deep end out in the wheat field
    This engagement photoshoot out in the thick of the wheat filed turned out to be one of my favourite locations of the year.
  • Keeping fit in the studio
    The team at Z Fit Studios are some of my favorite people to work with because we can really let our creativity out of the box.
  • The African cookbook and its creator
    To help Ato reach his ambitions of publishing his cookbook we needed to fill it out with detailed photos of the various food and drinks and that’s where I come in setting up a studio space for him to show off his flashy smoothies.
  • Danger close its swooping season for drones
    I use to be pretty nervous at flying low altitude with drone but with years of experience even some pesky birds weren’t going to get in my way
  • Old Views Restored To New
    Not sure if they planned to match the colour theme of the beehive building but they do
  • Red lights and 10 Million Views
    The WeMakeEvents is an international movement to highlight the industries like music, art and performance that have been out of work because of the effects of Covid 19.
  • Tulips and lots of them
    With some 50,000 tulip flowers on displayed it was tiring job but i was happy to work with some great models.