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Communicate a message without words and let the help of digital media make an emotional impact. Bendigo Vic Photography Services that create art and captures a moments in time. 

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AJTaylor Images has everything all under one roof. With all our photography and videography services based right here locally in Bendigo, we don’t outsource. Whether it’s a family portrait, a wedding day or a school graduation, our experienced and professional photographers are ready to capture the unique moments.

Explore below all the various photography services provided to Bendigo locals. Go to our specialty websites to find out more information.

The Basics in Photography

Artistic Photography

Interesting & Rewarding

Using creativity and imagination to craft visually stunning and expressive images. Our artistic photography category celebrates the beauty of the unconventional, where every shot is an artful masterpiece. Whether it's playing with unique angles, experimenting with lighting, or infusing vibrant colors, our photographers use their artistic flair to create captivating visuals that transcend traditional photography.

Form of expression | Tell a Story | Provoke Emotion

Portrait Photography

Personal Pictures

Capture the essence of who you are and what you mean to the Bendigo community through our expertly crafted portrait photography. Our personal photos celebrate your uniqueness and showcase the connections you have within this vibrant community, leaving you with cherished memories that reflect your true self.

Sports Photography | Engagement Photos | Fine Art Photography

Architecture Photography

Building Photos & Video

Embark on a visual journey through Bendigo's rich history and growing development with our captivating architecture photography. From historic landmarks to modern structures, we capture the beauty and significance of the region's buildings, preserving the essence of Bendigo's architectural heritage for generations to come.

Estate media | Building & Construction Photography

Event Photography

Community Gatherings

Relive the excitement of your favorite Bendigo events with our dynamic community gathering photos. Whether it's a lively festival, a bustling market, or a joyous celebration, we encapsulate the energy and camaraderie of the Bendigo community as you and your friends create unforgettable memories every weekend.

Local photographers | All types of events | Detail images

Sport Images

Athlete Portraits

Join us in following the inspiring stories of local Bendigo sports stars as they compete on the world stage. Through our athlete portraits, we capture the determination, passion, and talent of these remarkable individuals, celebrating their achievements and inspiring the next generation of athletes.

Capturing the action | Attention to focal points | Seeing Movement

Business photos

Building Photos & Video

Partner with us on your business journey as we capture your growth and success through compelling business photos. From startups to established enterprises, we document the drive and dedication of Bendigo businesses striving to be the best in the state and country. Trust us to showcase your brand's unique story and elevate your presence in the competitive business landscape.

Specifically Tailored Shots | corporate advertisements | Products and Services

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If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced photography team in the Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Look no further than us! Contact us today to get the rundown on everything we do and more about what we can help you achieve!

Explore Bendigo Photography Services

Welcome to AJTaylor Images, your ultimate destination for Bendigo photography services. Our passion for capturing remarkable moments drives us to deliver top-notch photography and videography solutions for various occasions. From weddings and commercial projects to school events and community gatherings, we provide a diverse range of services tailored to your unique needs. Our team’s multi-faceted expertise encompasses website development, macro coding, and video capture, ensuring a holistic approach that sets us apart from the rest. With a deep understanding of Bendigo’s vibrant community, we offer photography solutions that resonate with local businesses, schools, and community groups. Let us be your trusted partner in preserving cherished memories and telling compelling stories through the lens of AJTaylor Images.

AJTaylor Images Wedding Photography

Create evocative and thought-provoking images of your wedding. Check out the all-inclusive packages that have everything provided.

Photo Booths Bendigo

Everyone understands that moments are irreplaceable and that’s why we’re committed to creating beautiful and lasting memories with our printing photo booths.

Magic Mirror Wedding Photo Booth
Bendigo Photography with tourism images
Stock Images

Our team of local photographers keep everything fresh and unique. Its our desire to provide special photos just for the tourism and real estate providers who want to stand out from the rest. 

From landscapes to portraits, our local photographers in Bendigo photography showcase the region’s beauty

Santa Photography Bendigo

The Christmas season is the place for professional photographers to come out and capture the joy of the holiday season. Let us draw attention to where you do business.

Bendigo Santa Photography
Event Photography in Bendigo
Bendigo Photos

Out and about there is so much to see and experience in Bendigo. Our team of photographers are everywhere you are building connections and sharing community events.

Discover the magic of Bendigo through our stunning photography. It’s all timeless natural perfect.

Studio Photography

Come in person and experience the rewarding and creative pursuit of making beautiful photos. Experiment and create truly unique looks. 

Transform your memories into works of art with our experts in studio photography right here in Bendigo..

Studio Photography Bendigo