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AJTaylor Images

Bendigo, VIC, 3550

5.0 stars

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Contact the Bendigo photographer who sets out an easy-to-follow plan.

Want to know some more details about my services? I can provide a list of the top 5 key points you need to consider when booking.
Don’t want to get confused with multiple packages and a dozen adds on?
I will provide you with one simple variation quote for everything you need.
Need more reference material before making a booking?
I can send you private links to more online content so you can make an informed decision.

Let me know your name and what sort of service you are inquiring about and I can either send you a text message or email answering your questions or can give you a phone call and we can have a discussion.

AJ Taylor the photographer

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Currently 26 years young I’ve already accomplished my life goal of being a photographer so now I’m taking on an ambitious career teaching others how to be successful content creators in an ever changing market.

My team and I are now pioneering untested business models in new digital communications business practices. We want to improve on the century-old profession of taking photos by building a strong network of well-minded photographers who understand what it means to be a creator.

We want to be able to provide photography and video services that are relevant to modern-day expectation, easy for our customers to use and simple to understand.

A real photographer is more than just a photo taker. A real photographer’s value is in their ability to solve problems.

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Weekly Project video number 35

“Making Memories Last”

AJ Taylor

I have been shooting professionally as AJTaylor since 2014 and have worked predominantly in the event and a journalism sector of photography.
Over the 7 year period, I have worked both the central region of Victoria and interstate for more than 360 clients on over 2170 photoshoots!

That’s just shy of 1 photoshoot every single day of my adult life! Believe it or not, I have close to 325,000 photos on my backup hard drives.

If you would like to know more about me you can read a short bio about me in the online Bendigo Magazine, digital pages 43,44,45.  

AJ Taylor Bendigo

“I know how much photos mean to me looking back on them and I want to give that kind of fondness to other by taking photos of anything and everything”

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