Chief photographer for Photos of Bendigo

Mary Quant comes to Bendigo with a featured mural on the fountain plaza outside Rosalind park, this wonderful display was painted by the team at Nacho Station. If you don’t know what Mary Quant is you can head over to the Explore Bendigo to read all about the stylish exhibition.

The art spaces serve as a great chance to get a photo with our beauitful city.

The hard-working team taking a rest from their back-breaking work painting the floor of the plaza.

Bendigo Mary Quant
Bendigo Mary Quant

Equipment Used

  • Nikon Z6
  • 20mm F1.8
  • 35mm F1.8
  • 50mm F1.8
  • 85mm F1.8
  • 135mm F1.8
  • DJI Mavic Pro 1