Chief photographer for Photos of Bendigo

Its been a difficult road to recovery for the small regional businesses of Victoria but I’m glad to see the community and local government putting in a great amount of effort to help everyone overcome the adversaries.

With Victorians being encouraged to travel locally that lead to me needing to get out there and quickly provide a range of tourism photos for all this travelling about.

I was very fortunate to be tasked with taking photos in the stunningly beautiful Heathcote region which features a great range or walking tracks and winners gracefully tucked into the slopping hillsides.

To make my job even easier I got to work with a great lot of models from Bendigo who spent the day working incredibly hard for me drinking fine wine, browsing the scenic landscapes and enjoying sky-high views over the countryside.

When it comes to taking tourism photos I do capture the empty landscape shots but I really feel the point of good tourism photos is seeing yourself standing there in the same place as the models and enjoying the experience.

Clean shots with everything view are okay, but sometimes the mishandled photos show the genuine trip people will remember.

Equipment Used

  • Nikon Z6 x 1 units
  • 20mm F1.8
  • 24 – 70mm F4
  • 70 – 210mm F4
  • 135mm F1.8
  • DJI Mavic Pro 1