Chief photographer for Photos of Bendigo

Bendigo TAFE is once again redeveloping its main McCrae St campus as it plans on inspiring new students into the future of learning by bringing them on to the site during the building process.

You can read more about the opportunities that students have to develop new and unique practical learning experiences by reading the article in the winter issue of the Bendigo Magazine

On top of this construction shoot, I was busy shooting more real estate and construction jobs for other clients including one for modular building in Epsom and a project management firm in Melbourne.

I always like making the photos as white and as clear as possible which can be tricky but I feel provides the most welcoming look for a brand new fresh home.

My construction work isn’t confined just to Bendigo, I also travelled to Winters Flat Primary School in Castlemaine where i shoot various aerial photos of new buildings being installed.

Being a construction photographer means wearing a hard hat and work boots just like everyone else.

And despite my ability to fly around I still get stuck in the mud like everyone else.

I generally keep my distance from the other workers as I don’t want to get in there way and with the huge 10-ton structures being hosted around it’s best practice. I often shoot with telephoto zoom or setup wide-angle cameras on tripods so even with all the rules and regulations I still get the great photos my clients want to see.

Last Week’s Projects

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