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Weekly Short Video 25

A few too many birds decided to come out and inspect my flight skills while I was shooting some construction photos at the new Bendigo TAFE. Fortunate for me my drone was just a bit more nimble and surviving close encounters of the swooping kind.

The Bendigo TAFE is building three brand new buildings and renovating some of the existing buildings to bring students into a new era of learning.

I use to be pretty nervous at flying low to the ground or around buildings but now that i have been doing it for 5 years it fairly straight forward. Not even the magpies scare me off these days.

I also brought out the drone for the Pipe Doctors Australia business photoshoot. It was an opportunity to show off the main work vehicles they have and it was pretty cool to watch them drive around from the birds eye view.

We shoot a variety of photos with the pipe doctors including one with the Bendigo hospital in the background, because that matches the theme right?

Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market, Bendigo Pony Club

Here is another shoot I got with the drone flying around the Bendigo Community Farmers’ Market being held at the Bendigo Pony Club site.

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