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Good Vibration African Cookbook – Ras Ato’s Good Vibration African Cookbook

Ato is a cultural ambassador for Bendigo, helping grow a welcoming community, but when he’s not out and about he can often be found working on his African cookbook of traditional recipes.

Good Vibration African Cookbook - Ras Ato's Good Vibration African Cookbook

To help Ato reach his ambitions of publishing his cookbook we needed to fill it out with detailed photos of the various food and drinks and that’s where I come in setting up a studio space for him to show off his flashy smoothies.

For the background, we used some natural wood panels that I felt complemented the natural colours of the juices and their respective fruits and vegitables.

We wanted to go with a consistent style which meant placing the glasses and food out evenly and shooting the photos with symmetry in mind.

Lighting for a product shoot is always tricky but once you got it set up it should just be a process of swapping out the subject.

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