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My highlight video for this week

This engagement photoshoot out in the thick of the wheat filed turned out to be one of my favourite locations of the year.

We planned to go out just before sunset so we could capture some great photos in the warm light of a setting sun. The added benefit of going out later in the day meant it wasn’t going to be exhaustingly hot.

Lighting for sunset photos can be tricky because most flashes are set for daylight 5500k and not the much warmer dusk so I often use reflectors for filling out by subjects or I let the photos fall off into the darkness. But most people don’t like their engagement photos dark so for this shoot I had my assistant running around with a softbox, filling out the dark areas of the photo. This allowed me to keep some details in the subject while maintaining a natural lighting.

And we can’t forget to have the family dog in the photos either.

Its always a pleasure capturing a young couple’s life journey and I look forward to shooting their wedding in the coming year.

When life throws you in the deep end, hold your camera higher than you head.

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