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Weekly Short Video 23

We had more ballons than we knew what to do with!

I always get to work with a great variety of clients but this week was a special treat working with Ella from 99 Luft Bendigo. This project involved making promotional videos for her party hire business that specialises in ballon architecture.

These videos would be shown mostly to her following on Pinterest where she has over 2 million monthly views.

It was a huge two-day video production with thousands of ballons. Most of the production time was spent filming the timelapse of blowing up and arranging the decorations across the front of the house.

We shoot a video that afternoon just before sunset and then another video the next day at the same time to get a consistent colour look.
I wanted to capture the warm look of a sunset as I didn’t think the harshness of the midday sunlight was going to be all that great for what is supposed to be a softer look.

I’m really happy with how the lighting turned out and because we were able to shoot for two days i was able to capture enough content to make 5 videos that didn’t use any of the same footage.

I edited them in a variety of styles to serve different target audiences.
The styles included one slow-motion video, a short 15-second lure video, a longer more informative video and a choice of general adverts.

After all was done and dusted we had to pop all the balloons, it was the hardest part of the project!

Equipment used for this shoot

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