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I’m more than just a talented photographer you know and one aspect of my life I like to share with you is my enthusiasm for history.

One part of my work at Photos of Bendigo is taking landmark photos that are used for tourism and real estate listings and it didn’t take me long to release how beautiful Bendigo can really be.

It really makes growing up all that more wonderful seeing how well the community looks after historical buildings instead of knocking them down.

Golden Jubilee Statue

The Golden Jubilee is one of the many statues, that you drive past every day I decided to go out and take a photo commemorating its 114 years of existence. You can see the slider comparing then and now at Lost Photos of Bendigo.

The Original Photographers of Bendigo’s wealthy 1850’s

Published by H.H. Collins & Co 1853, Gold Diggin in Bendigo

Digging into the ye old mining history of Bendigo I was surprised to find some old lithograph depicting a bare-knuckle boxing match along the Bendigo Creek dating back to 1851.

I recalled an old tale I think we all may have heard, that Bendigo was named after a boxer and I thought to myself, is this early photo proof that it was true?

I spent the rest of the week researching the artist S. T. Gill and all the other drawings he sketched out during the founding year of Bendigo. It seems to me very plausible that he captured the boxers where the name of Bendigo originated from.

Read the full article about how Bendigo got its name and the work of the other original photographers of Bendigo.

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