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Watch my little highlight video for this week

Weekly Short Video 22

Tara was an amazing singer to work with for the You and I song project. Its not easy being on camera but she held composure and we were able to get through the video shoot nice and quick.

Balanced lighting

When it comes to lighting homes and buildings for real estate photography and architecture I always want to open up space and make it feel welcoming by pulling back the curtains and letting in as much natural light as possible.

Once I have added natural light I then like to add in practical lighting but turning on indoor fixtures. However if the indoor light flickers then i want to leave that light off.

Working for Boden at Yarrington Construction was a real treat, as i traveled around Bendigo and in the central region of Victoria to photograph the numerous homes he completed building.

Boden builds a huge variety of elegant homes that each have their own individual style and feel. To get the shoots for each property I would spend at least an hour going through each home photographing inside rooms and outside aerial shoots in booth landscape and portrait.

Equipment used for this shoot

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