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Weekly Short Video 25

I was surprised to find out that around 50,000 tulips had been panted at the various gardens across Bendigo. I won’t say I photographed all of them but I came close to that.

As over the course of 2 weeks I finished 300 photos of every such angle of the flowers. These photos would be split up and delivered to various clients of mine for editorial and publication use.

Bendigo Annual Tulip Display Flowers

One of the clients I had the pleasure of working for was the City of Greater Bendigo’s tourism department and for that shoot I also sought out two models to sit around and picnic in the garden.

Bendigo Annual Tulip Display

Paris Spillman was one of the models I used for the tourism setting. She is a YouTube vlogger in Bendigo and was wonderful to work with, I also enjoy jobs with other creatives who want to bring out their best.

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