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Just when you think you have explored all that there is to see in Bendigo a hidden gem reveals’ itself to you from behind the darkness.

For my historical work for Lost Bendigo Photos I needed to replicate two photos taken by N.J Claire in 1875 of the Bendigo railway line to Melbourne. It was a tricky spot to locate since the train line has changed from double gauge to single gauge tracks in the time between. But once I found the path down to the tunnel I was able to gauge my shoot pretty well.

Here is a split photo of the before and after photo I replicated.

I also brought along my vintage double lens reflex camera for the trip. At this point not only was I replicating the photo I was replicating the lifestyle of the ancient photographers and all the difficulties involved in taking photos with film.

I’m going to have to admit that I’m not very good at using film cameras so I’ll stick to using my digital cameras from now on.

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