Chief photographer for Photos of Bendigo

Getting ready to explore again, I had high hopes the worst of the COVID was behind us but just as we were taking flight lockdown 2.0 came along and grounded us.

For the brief opening we were allowed out I got the chance to shoot some amazing gliders in Raywood. The Bendigo Gliding Club Inc have an amazingly beautiful landscape to soar above, I didn’t want to leave but like all great things, it must come to an end. I vowed I would be going back again for a private flight once we get clearance for takeoff.
View the photo story in the summer edition of the Bendigo Magazine.

Photos of Bendigo

Its not as good as flying in a glider but taking my drone up for a flight over Strathfieldsaye and Bendigo still gets me excited. Flying within the drone restrictions outlined by CASA is always a tricky job but once i seen the finished photos I can’t help but go out for another look.

The cathedral looks so different from this side, it’s crazy how a new perspective can make things feel brand new.

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