Chief photographer for Photos of Bendigo

After many months of hard work it was great to final see the music video go live and reach over 20,000 views in one week.

The music and lyrics were written by Bendigo’s very own Marthin Nanere who is a senior lecturer at La Trobe University and also a talented musician with his own YouTube channel. He came up with the idea of celebrating Bendigo’s rich diversity with a music video.

I loved shooting every minute of the Bendigo Cultural Ambassadors music video and I really appreciated the ability they gave me to take free-range in how I interpreted the meaning and the target audience of the video.

I shoot at 14 different locations in the Bendigo region as my goal was to match the level of cultural diversity seen in the video with the diversity of amazing places Bendigo has to showcase. It is the largest project I have worked on to date in regards to individual shoot locations.

Go watch it on Facebook at the City of Greater Bendigo‘s page.

I was glad i had the help of my assistant photographer Daniel Soncin to set up lighting and shoot some of the location shoots. A project like this won’t run smoothly without a pair of extra hands helping out as we used just about every piece of equipment in my arsenal to shoot the mix of indoor and outdoor venues.

Equipment used for this shoot

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