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Although there a serious lack of events going on at the moment I still find myself fairly busy. It seems one of the favourite past time activities of everyone else during COVID is cleaning. I can’t say I’m very good at that myself, just look at the floor of my home workspace!

This mess is a necessity when it comes to product photography. The lay flats are going to be used as stock images on Bendigo.Photos for creatives who need background pictures to spice up their food-related website. I also made lay flat themes for stationery and I will be adding hardware, travel and kids toys to that collection in the coming months.

I may not be good at keeping my own workspace clean but I am good at taking photos of cleaning routine and that’s exactly what I did for the crew at The Green Clean Team this week at an office complex in Bendigo.

Green Clean Team

To wrap things up this week I had a photoshoot with Elected to the House of Representatives for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters in Axedale. She will be featuring an article in the summer edition of the Bendigo Magazine so you will have to go there to see the lovely photo I took of her and her daughter at the Platypus Compass.

While I was in town I finally got around to shooting my aerial photos for tourism and historical records. Have you seen all three of the old churches in Axedale? If not you can have at look at them on my Instagram.


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